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I guess I better explain myself! I called Jeremy Hall a very unusual young man and I have been questioned about what I meant by that so here goes:

Here is a guy that had the proverbial world by the tail–in carnal or secular terms. He was “successful” , had friends, well he had it all!

He woke up one day and the Lord was working in His life and he knew that there was more to life than what was happening in his life. He got right with God! He is one of the kindest, gentlest, men that I know. He is so in love with God and His work. He is so hungry to learn and grow!

Yep, I said he was an unusual young man and I meant it! He shouldn’t be! It ought to be common amongst us but it is not! How many of our people are hungry to grow and learn! How many of us are so excited yet humbled about the fact that we are allowed to preach!

Jeremy you are in deed an unusual young man! I am privileged to call you my friend! I thank God for you and wish that I had 1,000 more like you! Then you wouldn’t be so unusual would you!

Vision Baptist Church supports Jeremy as a missionary to Peru. I am excited for everything I see God doing in all of the men that I am privileged to work with! I am excited that God is giving Jeremy a wife–I love my wife, Betty, and I from the day our oldest son, Chris, was born wanted all my children to have the privilege of having a good spouse and being as happy as I have been. Jeremy–I am glad God has given you that precious little girl! I am glad that you are so tender and in love with my Lord Jesus Christ! I hope you never change! You are an unusual young man but I hope not for long–I hope God gives us a thousand more

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Jeremy Hall will be wed to Rebekah Lynn Kozel on May 3oth.  I praise the Lord for Jeremy.  He is a very unusual young man with a great desire to be used of God.  He loves God and seeks Him.
Rebekah seems to be a very sweet young lady with a great desire to serve God.  I thank God that He makes the perfect woman for each of us.  Wow I love Betty and I just desire that Jeremy and Bekkah are as happy as we have been for the last 34 years.
Vision Baptist Church is privileged to support a fine young couple like the Halls and pray that God will richly use them. 
I want to invite you to check out Vision News for the new look and also to help us pray for revival.  There is quite a bit of material on the page that might help you pray in your own heart and life for your own revival but also for our church.  It is our prayer that God will allow us to have an impact on all the cities around us in Fulton County, Forsyth, Gwinnet, Cherokee, Cobb, etc.  We are praying for God’s power on Duluth, Cumming, Alpharetta, Roswell, Milton, John’s Creek, etc.  Will you please pray with us.  

Below is obituary for Pastor J. B. Jordan. Many of you probably knew him over the years. He was a great friend to missionaries.  Rev. J.B. Jordan, age 76 of Cumming, passed away Wednesday, January 2, 2008.  He was preceded in death by his parents, Joe & Bessie Jordan and great grandchild, Brandalyn Mobley. 

Rev. Jordan was a licensed and ordained minister for 50 years and pastored Victory Baptist Church for 20 years, True Way Baptist Church for 2 years and other Baptist churches.  Survivors include:  wife of 53 years, Paula “Hunkie” Jordan of Cumming; son and daughter-in-law, Tony and Kim Jordan of Woodstock; daughters and sons-in-law, Vickie and Hal Rey and Kathy and Daniel Samples all of Cumming; brother and sister-in-law, Dennis and Janice Jordan of Franklin, GA; sisters, Videra Bone of Mableton and Bobbie Nell Alexander of Dallas; sister and brother-in-law, Darlene and Glenn Townsend of Powder Springs; 2 grandchildren, Christi & Brian Mobley of Duluth and Caleb Samples of Cumming; a number of nieces, nephews and other relatives also survive.

Funeral services will be held Saturday, January 5, 2008 at 11:00 am at Cumming Baptist Church with Rev. Fred Howard and Rev. Daniel Samples officiating. 

Interment will follow in Sawnee View Memorial Gardens.  Visitation will be on Thursday, January 3, 2008 from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. and Friday, January 4, 2008, from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.  and 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. 

Ingram Funeral Home & Crematory, Cumming, Georgia will be in charge of arrangements 

Vision Baptist Church is praying for the Jordan family. 

Vision Baptist Church will be hosting Evangelist Lou Rossi and we are asking you to be praying that God will work greatly in our lives and church.  Keep up with more info as we get closer to the day by checking in on Vision News.

Underachievers are the best, most dependable workers. This may seem counterintuitive but the key here is that while some achievement is necessary and good for productivity, a lot of it is dangerous to you and everyone around you. And if you have a wide enough perspective, you’ll see it’s also an exercise in futility.

The assumptions underlying this statement can be found among Bennet’s “Principles of Underachievement:”

  • Life’s too short.
  • Control is an illustion.
  • Expectations lead to misery.
  • Great expectations lead to great misery.
  • Achievement creates expectations.
  • The law of diminishing returns applies everywhere.
  • Perfect is the enemy of good.
  • The tallest blade of grass is the surest to be cut.
  • Accomplishment is in the eye of the beholder.

I got the following from Jeff Bush’s blog. One of the best lists that I have ever seen for missionaries:

(J. Hudson Taylor’s Missionary Equipment)

1. A life yielded to God and controlled by His Spirit

2. A restful trust in God for the supply of all needs

3. A sympathetic spirit

4. A willingness to take a lowly place

5. Tact in dealing with men

6. Adaptability toward circumstances

7. Be real in service

8. Steadfastness in discouragement

9. Love for communion with God and for the study of His Word

10. Some experience and blessing in the Lord’s work at home

11. A healthy body and vigorous mind

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Reading the following article made me think of what is going on with our missionaries around the world.  I hope you will bear in mind what your missioanries are doing around the world.  The same amount of support is no longer the same amount of support. Every church is going to need to step it up to help our men get through these hard times.  Let us never forget the men who are on the front lines


Dollar’s Fall Is Felt Around The Globe

Weakening U.S. Currency Harms Overseas Markets

Washington Post Staff Writer Monday, December 24, 2007; Page A01 

The sharp decline of the U.S. dollar since 2000 is affecting a broad swath of the world’s population, with its drop on global markets being blamed at least in part for misfortunes as diverse as labor strikes in the Middle East, lost jobs in Europe and the end of an era of globe-trotting rich Americans.

It marks a shift for Americans in the global economy. In times of strength, a mightier dollar allowed Americans to feed their insatiable appetite for foreign goods at cheap prices while providing Yankees abroad with virtually unrivaled economic clout. But now, as the United States struggles to fend off a recession, observers say the less lofty dollar is having both a tangible and intangible diminishing effect.”The dollar was the dominant force in world economics for 100 years — we had no competition,” said C. Fred Bergsten, an American economist and director of the Washington-based Peterson Institute for International Economics. “There was no other economy close to the size of the United States. But all that is now changing.”The dollar is down more than 40 percent against the euro over the past seven years, taking a particularly sharp drop last month. Despite a bit of a rebound in recent weeks, the dollar is still off nearly 12 percent since Jan. 11, when it hit its peak for 2007.

For now, that drop is allowing the U.S. economy to reap rewards. American products have become exceedingly competitive, boosting exports ranging from Caterpillar tractors to Boeing jumbo jets that are now relative blue-light specials in the global marketplace. Using the same logic of chasing cheaper local production costs that has driven many U.S. factories to China, a few iconic European companies, including Airbus, are set to shift some manufacturing lines to the United States.

But for untold millions worldwide, the weak dollar has emerged as a troubling dark spot. Take Ngengi Mungai, a Nairobi coffee exporter trapped between the weaker dollar and the rapidly appreciating Kenyan shilling — which gained as much as 12 percent against the dollar this year amid an export-driven economic surge across much of Africa. His coffee sales overseas, as with the bulk of global commodities, are priced in weaker dollars. But he must then convert them into stronger shillings to cover his local costs for local labor, materials, even the clothes on his back. It has cut sharply into his annual income.”Basically,” Mungai said, “it’s bad.”It has left many wondering whether the dollar has lost its bling for good. Even rapper Jay-Z dissed the dollar in his recent video, “Blue Magic.” In scenes celebrating the excess of wealth in Manhattan’s shimmering glass canyons, the cameras cut repeatedly not to images of $100 bills — but of crisp, 500 euro notes.Though still the primary choice for global reserves and commodities, some countries have begun to diversify their dollar holdings, while a nascent push is afoot to re-price some commodities in currencies other than the dollar. In May, Kuwait dropped its currency peg to the dollar and other oil-rich Gulf states have threatened to follow. Perhaps most telling: In recent months, the euro surpassed the dollar as the currency with the largest global circulation.In very real terms, it has forced Americans to rethink their lust for foreign goods. Sales of luxury, British-made Jaguars and Land Rovers, for instance, are declining in the United States because of the weak dollar, while fewer North American tourists — a 10 percent drop in the third quarter of 2007 compared with the same period last year — treated themselves to trips to England.The chink in the dollar’s armor has dealt a blow to American pride — at least to the kind of pride that comes with buying power.Nowhere is that more visible than with Americans overseas. “It’s changed our lifestyle,” said Lauren Amlani, 48, who moved to Paris from California with her husband and young son in March 2006. “A meal with pizza and drinks for the three of us comes to over $75. That’s ridiculous!”

The following comes from an email sent out by project North Africa and Aaron. I want to encourage all of you to get your copy of this book as soon as possible. I have already ordered mine and paid for it over paypal.

One Church-planting team’s first year of minsitry to Muslims
My wife Jillian and I, along with our coworkers Cesar and Mariet Copa from Arequipa, Peru have kept a journal of our experiences over the last year since we arrived in Morocco. This book is unique because it is written from a man AND a woman’s perspective as we ministered to Muslims together.

If you would like your your family and/or your church to know how to better pray for our missions…
If you would like to know what it is like to live and ministry in a Muslim country…
If you would like to know how to witness to the Muslims that you know…
If you know anyone going to minister in Muslim country…

Buy One, GIVE One Free!

For every book YOU buy, we will GIVE a book to a college student. The future of missions lies in the hands of the young people who are preparing themselves in our colleges. Will they consider going to a Muslim country?

It’s up to you!

All profits from the book will go directly into the church planting efforts of Project North Africa!

Order online at our website: or by mail:
Project North Africa
PO Box 519
Braselton, GA 30517
Checks made payable to “Project North Africa” for $14.95 for the book and $3 for shipping.

Special pricing available for churches or individuals requesting 5 or more books.

This would be the book for you!

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I just got the following in an email from John Pearson.  Interesting data: 

The only authorized Christian publisher in China is celebrating a milestone on Saturday as the 50 millionth Bible rolls off the presses, according to a report in the Times of London.

Click here for more from the Times of London.

Demand for the Bible is soaring in officially-atheist China, at a time when meteoric economic growth is testing the country’s allegiance to Communist doctrine, the Times of London reports. Now, the demand in China for Bibles is such that Amity Printing, a joint venture between Chinese Christian charity and the United Bible Societies, a Protestant organization, can barely keep pace.

Early next year it will move into a new, much larger factory on the edge of the eastern city of Nanjing to become the world’s single-biggest producer of Bibles.

“This platform has been built as a blessing to the nation. It will print Bibles for China for as long as it takes to do it,” said New Zealander Peter Dean, of the United Bible Societies.

In careful adherence to China’s laws that prohibit evangelizing, the Bible is not on sale in mainstream Chinese bookshops but through a distribution system managed by the official church, such as stalls set up for people attending morning service, according to the Times of London report. Hey if you live in the area I hope you will visit Vision Baptist Church for our Christmas on the Northside.  You can also keep up to date with what we are doing by checking out Vision News.