Complaining is a common disease among all people but seems especially prevalent among missionaries. Our God is looking for a thankful people. People who realize what a privilege it is to serve God. Things maybe different on the mission field where God called you but He knew that when He called you and He wants you to be thankful for what He is doing in your life. Complaining will soon kill your spirit and the spirit of all those around you. You are definitely getting more and better than you deserve.

The Sin of Complaining or Murmuring





I. It is an attitude

a. Resentment=We think that someone has done us wrong

b. Dissatisfaction=We do not receive what we want

c. We aren’t happy

d. We accuse others of having done something wrong

II. Complaining is like giving praise to Satan

a. We are commanded to give thanks to God 1Th_5:18 b. We are commanded not worry but to pray and give thanks Phi_4:6 c. Our praise and gratefulness is a sacrifice to God

Heb_13:15 d. What happens when we do the opposite of praising and giving thanks and start to complain and murmur against God?

III. Our Accusations

a. We are not satisfied with our salary Luk_3:14 or with what we have Heb_13:5 or the food and clothes that He has given us 1Ti_6:8 or our country’s governmentb. We are not satisfied with our spiritual leaders

c. We are not satisfied with our mate

d. We are not satisfied with our children

IV. How do we fix the problem

a. First recognize it as a sin Phi_2:14 b. Confess our sins

c. Learn to measure what we do have Phi_4:11 d. Meditate on the good Phi_4:8

e. Learn to thank God and others