Gen_37:19 Joseph had gotten a dream from the Lord. He expected more from his life than others expected from their lives. They had settled in to live life like “any other man” but Joseph seemed to think that God had something special for him in his future. He talked about his dream. He shared it though maybe not in the wisest ways but he still talked about what he believed that God was going to do with him. Some of his dream wasn’t too clear and maybe a little off in some ways. After all his mother didn’t bow down to him except figuratively. But he dreamed something great. He was willing to do what it took to accomplish his dream also. His dream gave him hope everyday. When he was a slave, then falsely accused, and then a prisoner he never had a bad attitude because he believed that God was going to do something special in his life.I hope that you too are dreaming. God wants to do something special with you. He wants to take you places that you could only dream about. He wants to see you take his dream, his vision of getting the gospel to the world and put it into practice. Do you dream of glorifying His name in all the world? Do you dream of obeying Him to His maximum glory. Just such a dream will cause you to do and be and go where no man has gone before.