Revelation 21:4 Peter said that of all the disciples he would never deny the Lord. He was sure that if all others left him that he, Peter, never would leave or deny him. But then as he stood there waiting on him as he was tried Peter in the heat of the moment did indeed deny him. He went further than he would have ever imagined possible. He ended up denying him with an oath. Now he hears the cock crow. His conscience screams at him. His heart sinks. He knows he has failed then his eyes meet the eyes of the Lord himself. All he can do is run away weeping bitterly.Peter knows the shame of having failed his great God and Savior Jesus Christ. Could that ever happen to you or me?

There He is seated on a Great White Throne. Judgment day has come. The Lord Jesus Christ is seated and ready to begin the judging. Behind him as though in a great choir loft is the Church that has been with Him since the Rapture.

The angels have made preparation. The books are there. The Book of Life is opened with an angel ready to begin searching for the names. The other books are there also. The books that contain all that those who are to be judged have done.

Slowly the prisoners are brought forth to be judged. John Smith from Lexington, North Carolina steps forward with great fear etched on his face. The judge looks down into the eyes of John and then turns to ask the angel if John’s name is to be found in the Lamb’s Book of Life.

The angel responds saying that no his name is not in the Book of Life. The Lord then asks for the other books to be opened and begins to hear the story of John’s life. He grew up in a Christian home. He heard gospel preaching on a regular basis. As soon as he could he decided to make his own life. He wanted to do want he enjoyed. He wasn’t interested in the way his parents lived or that leather lunged preacher and what he had to say. John refused the gospel message Sunday after Sunday. He mocked the preachers. He mocked his parents. John had been his own man and now he was facing judgment.

The Lord Jesus looks at John and says, your name is not found in the Book of Life. Depart from me you worker of iniquity for I never knew you.

John is in shock. He is crying and begging for another chance. He had already heard about this but would just not believe it. Now it was actually happening.

Please give me another chance. I will believe this time. I will submit my life to you, but the Lord reminds him, you would have none of my counsel or reproof. I called you time after time and you refused. I stretched out my hand to you and you ignored me.

Angels cast him into the lake of fire. He deserves Hell that I prepared for the Devil and his angels. He has rebelled and ignored me.

I see tears as they begin to form in the eyes of God’s people there in that great choir loft. They are a compassionate people. It hurts to see anyone cast into to that awful place but he did mock God and the Bible.

Tom Jones steps forward next to be judged. Again the angel looks in the book of life but his name is not there. The story is repeated again but Tom wasn’t raised in a Godly home. He didn’t have the privilege of having a preacher that cared about him.

Tom steps forward very timidly, obviously very afraid, and says Please give me another chance. I want to be saved. I want to go to Heaven. I do not want to go to Hell but the Lord says Tom you had your chance because according to the books you received gospel tracts on numerous occasions, you saw TV programs that where preachers were preaching the gospel, you mocked the men who preached the gospel on the radio. Tom you had your chance.

Cast him into the lake of fire. Tom I never knew you. I wanted to. I sent my people to see you. You had many chances. You turned down every invitation to go to church. Depart from me you worker of iniquity.

Again the people of God hurt and agonize. They are loving people. The swollen bellies of Africa brought tears to their eyes. God’s people have never been able to watch people suffer but ….now!

One by one they came for hours. Each one had his story but every time the Lord told them you had the gospel, you had a preacher, you rejected my message. You deserve the Lake of Fire as much as Satan himself.

Next the angel calls forth Jose Perez. Jose is obviously terrified. He literally has no idea what is going on.

Again the angel opens the book. His name is not on the roll.

They open the other books but no mention is made of a preacher, teacher, gospel tract, radio broadcast or any other means of getting the gospel to Jose.

The Lord says Jose I never knew you. Depart from me into the Lake of Fire prepared for the Devil and his angels.

Jose begins to weep. He falls to his feet. He screams in agony. But Lord I don’t understand. Why? Why are you so cruel? Why would you condemn me?

I do not condemn you. You had your chance. You should have accepted me. I put it in the creation it is obvious that I exist. You are without excuse.

You cannot accuse me I also wrote it in your conscience. Your conscience accused you. You knew you needed me.

Lord please forgive me. Yes I knew there had to be a God. I knew that something was wrong but I didn’t know how to come to you.

Well Jose, I wrote it in the Creation and in your conscience. I also gave the message to my church to take to you. I gave them the power of the Holy Spirit, the prefect Word of God and all they needed to get the gospel to you.

Sir they never told me. I never saw one preacher. No one came to me with the gospel message.

The church of God is still standing. They are in awe. Hundreds and thousands have been thrown into the lake of fire. Everyone screaming and begging but it is eternally too late.

Now Jesus slowly turns and looks at His church. His eyes are filled with hurt and shame. He tilts his head lifts his hands and says Why didn’t you tell them. How can you let them throw it in my face that they never heard.

I trusted you. I committed the ministry of reconciliation to you. I gave you all you needed.

The church of God begins to weep uncontrollably. As they look down at their hands they see the blood of Jose Perez and thousands of others who could have heard, should have heard but didn’t.

They can’t believe their failure. They have failed the great God of their salvation. The one they preached about. The one they sang to and worshipped but now it is eternally too late for so many.

They did have the Word of God. They had the power of the Holy Spirit of God. They knew that they had a responsibility but had just gotten caught up in the everyday life of the temporary world.

Bloody hands and tear filled eyes. Broken hearts but too little too late

They I awoke. Thank God it wasn’t too late. I still have a chance. I thank God for letting me get a glimpse of what it will be like.

I will not allow that nightmare to be a reality in my life. By God’s grace I will do all in my power to get the gospel to the entire world.

Currently 106 people die a minute. Thank God that of the 106 that die a minute about 20 of them are under the age of 5 and so therefore probably under the age of accountability, At best the world is less than 10% saved. That means of the 86 that are left about 9 may be saved. That is a very liberal estimate. That means that 75 go to Hell every minute. 65% of the world has not even heard of the Lord Jesus Christ. 40% of the world do not even have the chance to hear the gospel because the message has yet to arrive where they are. Do you realize what that means? Of the 106 who die each minute 70 do not even know who the Lord Jesus is and 42 have no chance to even get to know him because the gospel hasn’t arrive where they live.

There are 31,557,600 seconds in a year. That means that to spend one second with everyone in China you would need just under 42 years because there are 1,325,419,200 seconds in 42 years. That is if we could stop the population exactly where it is now with no deaths or births for the next 42 years. Now take that same statistic and give yourself one hour with each person and you would need approximately 151,200 years if you could work day and night. That is approximately 2160 lifetimes at 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for 70 years.

The problem isn’t the numbers nor the barriers it is the desire, dedication, and strategy.

The question that we will talk about now is whether or not we will have blood on our hands or whether we will stand their with shame for having failed to get the gospel to them.

Read Rev_21:4 and consider what happened with Peter in Luk_22:61-62. Since the rapture in 1Th_4:17 we are ever with the Lord. All judgment has been committed to him Joh_5:22. We were given a job to do. The ministry of reconciliation is ours 2Co_5:18-20. We will have blood on our hands Eze_33:6 or will we be able to say with the Apostle Paul that we are free from the blood of all men Act_20:26