Infighting among personnel is more devilish, desperate, and devastating than anything from the outside.” Clarence W. Jones

I Samuel 4:9

The time has come to be men. In the story the Philistines are challenging each other to act like men. They know that if they do not do something now, if they do not act now, they will soon be servants or slaves to the Israelites. They do quit themselves like men and win the battle. Isn’t it about time that the people of God realize how late the hour is? Isn’t it time that the church begins to act like men. Too long we have sat passively by as the church grows weaker, the crowd gets older, our own young people switch to the other team and the world goes to Hell. The Scriptures says, rise up and act like men or soon Satan and his crowd will be ruling over us. The world will beat the church back to a small dark corner of the globe but if we realize what the hour is we can still make a difference.