August 2006

Gen_11:6 If you can dream it you can do it, what are you imagining for God? God separated man and destroyed his work because whatever he thought about he could do. How much do we think about world evangelism and doing all in our power to get the gospel to every creature. What do you spend your time dreaming about or planning? When was the last time you spent time thinking about doing something big to bring honor and glory to God by evangelizing the world.

Genesis 11:4

God the creator wants man the creation to recognize Him for who He is and what He has done. Man in his sinful condition always seeks to build his own name. We no longer seek to build a tower that will reach heaven but we build churches and ministries that will magnify our names, and ministries. I wonder just how tired our God gets of our Tower of Babal mentality? His goal is that His people be dispersed over the face of the whole earth telling the people of the world about His name. How committed to Him and His cause are you and your church?

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