II. Treasure your children.

     A. Tell them how valuable they are to you.  B. Make and unconditional commitment to them for life. C. Schedule special times with the family. D. Let your children know that you are available for them.

 III. Getting rid of anger and bitterness. Many times the MK will feel hurt.  They have been drug from their home and all they   know to a new world.  They left their friends.  Dad doesn’t have the time to spend with them that they would like.  We need to help them get rid of the anger and bitterness that fills their heart.  The anger and bitterness that they feel separates us.  It ties them up in knots.  It makes it difficult to even relate to God.  Here are five steps that should help get rid of the anger and bitterness that they feel. A. Become soft and tender with the person. B. Understand, as much as possible, what the other person has endured. C. Admit that the person has been wounded, and be sure to admit any wrong in provoking        that hurt. D. Seek forgiveness and trust God for their response. E. Touch the person gently.Vision News