IV. Be careful with your attitude.

     A. The parents attitude makes the biggest difference in how the kids will love the work, the  country, the people and even God.  
    B. Let them know that you are but a sinner and you to need God.  You make mistakes and you aren’t all that you should be. 
    C. Let them feel that you have a positive attitude about them, their life, and their future. 
    D. Don’t be a professional Christian or worker.  Let your kid know that you are still in awe about all that God is doing.  If they see you playing a game then they will too. 
    E. We are in this together.  It is not just one parent’s repsonsability.  Parents should stand together, and not side with the child against their partner.  Nor should one parent hide things that the child is saying from the other parent.  We are a family and we work together.  Parents need to have a good relationship and discuss everything.  Your children should know that you are 100% in agreement.  This gives the child a real sense of security knowing that their parents are in love, in agreement and working together.