Miscellaneous do’s and don’ts

1. Keep your children busy.

2. Explain responsibility.  Let them grow up.  Explain the consequences.  Be sure and maintain a balance.

3. Pray, pray, pray.  It is the grace and goodness of God that does more to raise them than anything we do.

4. Make sure your child knows that they are more important to you than those that you work with.

5. Allow them to spend time with their friends.  It would be good to have them at your house so that you can watch how they are developing.  You need to really learn the language so that you can know what they are saying

6. Listen.  Really listen to your child.

7. Be careful to explain well and properly the dating thing.  Have your children make a covenant with you.  You are not trying to hurt your child.  You want the best for them in their relationship with the other sex.  You will help pray for and look for and wait for that special person that God has prepared for them.  They should send any person wanting a date to their father for his approval.  We can wait on God.  He will do what is best.

8. Be careful to really live what you preach.

9. Ask forgiveness.  Let them know that you do wrong and you have to say your sorry and  get things right with God.

10. Let them see the hand of God in your personal life.  Let them see God answer your prayers, show you where you are wrong, and do the work in the ministry too.

11. Help them have a destiny.  Let them realize that if God called you then God knew that they were part of the family and that God has a special job for them to do.  They are special.  They aren’t normal.  God is preparing them even now for something supernatural. 

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