I am often kidded about my enthusiasm for blogging and so as I read this quote from Spurgeon I thought that it might give you that extra nudge to start recording what you are learning also:”Beloved, when you and I have seen or heard anything which God has revealed to us, let us go and write it, make it known by some other means.  God has not put the treasure into the earthen vessel merely for the vessel’s own sake, but that the treasure may afterwards be poured our from it, that others may thereby be enriched.  You have not been privileged to see, merely to make glad your eyes, and to charm your soul; you have been permitted to see in order that you may make others see, that you may go forth and report what the Lord has allowed you to perceive.  John no sooner became the seer of Patmos than he heard a voice that said to him, ‘Write’.   He could not speak to others, for he was on an island where he was exiled from his fellows, but he could write, and he did; and, often, he who writes addresses a larger audience than the man who merely uses his tongue.   It is a happy thing when the tongue is aided by the pen of a ready writer, and so gets a wider sphere, and a more permanent influence than if it merely uttered certain sounds, and the words died away when the ear had heard them.”  Vision News
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