I guess I better explain myself! I called Jeremy Hall a very unusual young man and I have been questioned about what I meant by that so here goes:

Here is a guy that had the proverbial world by the tail–in carnal or secular terms. He was “successful” , had friends, well he had it all!

He woke up one day and the Lord was working in His life and he knew that there was more to life than what was happening in his life. He got right with God! He is one of the kindest, gentlest, men that I know. He is so in love with God and His work. He is so hungry to learn and grow!

Yep, I said he was an unusual young man and I meant it! He shouldn’t be! It ought to be common amongst us but it is not! How many of our people are hungry to grow and learn! How many of us are so excited yet humbled about the fact that we are allowed to preach!

Jeremy you are in deed an unusual young man! I am privileged to call you my friend! I thank God for you and wish that I had 1,000 more like you! Then you wouldn’t be so unusual would you!

Vision Baptist Church supports Jeremy as a missionary to Peru. I am excited for everything I see God doing in all of the men that I am privileged to work with! I am excited that God is giving Jeremy a wife–I love my wife, Betty, and I from the day our oldest son, Chris, was born wanted all my children to have the privilege of having a good spouse and being as happy as I have been. Jeremy–I am glad God has given you that precious little girl! I am glad that you are so tender and in love with my Lord Jesus Christ! I hope you never change! You are an unusual young man but I hope not for long–I hope God gives us a thousand more

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