1 Samuel

As you prepare for the ministry that God has for you consider this little study in the life of King David and how God prepared him for leadership

I Samuel 16:14-23

I. He was prepared in the darkness

a. When Samuel came to anoint him as king he, unlike his brothers, was keeping sheep.  16:11

b.All the family was called to the house to see whom Samuel except David would choose.  David is only called for when Saul asks if there are more sons.  Obviously not even his dad had very high hopes for David.

c. David evidently returned to the sheep after being anointed 16:19

d. Though he knew that God had great plans for his life he apparently lived in obedience and respect towards his parents, keeping the sheep.

e. David did not seek a position but was called out by the king himself 16:19

f. It must have been hard to humble himself and wait on God when he knew that the man of God, Samuel, had anointed him king.  Yet he humbled himself and waited on God.

II. Developing his God given talents eventually opened doors for him

a. He was an accomplished harp player 16:18

b. Not only was he known as a harp player but for his bravery, his character, his abilities in war, and his spiritual life 16:18

c. A man’s gift will open doors for him and take him before great men Proverbs 18:16

d. His diligence to practice and work had given him the skills for the job that God was going to give him. Proverbs 22:29

e. Getting anointed did not give David the gifts mentioned in 16:18 no more than your call prepared you for the ministry.  Rather long hard hours of diligent work brought about this commentary from another person Proverbs 27:2

i. Cunning in playing the harp 16:18

ii. A mighty valiant man

iii. A man of war

iv. Prudent in matters

v. Comely

vi. The Lord was with him

III. Developing a good testimony

a. It is important as we prepare for leadership that we do not think that we can promote ourselves but rather that the Lord promote us

b. David had worked long and hard to have a testimony that would take him before the king

c. There is no reason to believe that David had the testimony for what he could gain but rather because that was the spiritual work that God was doing in his life

d. Do we do right to get noticed or are we noticed because we do right

IV. Fighting the small battles before God calls you to the big one

a. He had fought with a lion and a bear 17:34

b. He knew that his victory was guaranteed not because of his ability but rather for his cause 17:36 which was to stand for the living God

c. David knew that he couldn’t fight with weapons he had not proved or practiced with 17:39

d. We often want the big battles for pride’s sake but are not willing to be diligent in the small battles that God has placed in our way

e. Often we desire to go forth to battle (the ministry) when we have not practiced with our weapons before the big battle—going to the mission field does not make you a missionary rather it makes you a tourist unless you are prepared

f. Realize that you are on the road to the throne or leadership every day of your life

V. Finishing touches

a. He learned to control his mouth

i. He was prudent in matters 16:18

ii. He learned to deal with a belligerent king

b. He had the power of God already obviously on his life 16:18

c. He gained the confidence of his leaders 16:21

David was prepared for leader in darkness or without people or him even knowing what God was doing, he was prepared in the presence of God and not men, he had the patience to wait on God to carry him to the place God wanted him to serve.

I Samuel 17:54 

David took the head and traveled to Jerusalem. Imagine the scene: David has killed the giant. He has taken his head. He will show it to Saul and the army of the Lord. He then travels with it to show to the nation what God can do with one man that will trust him and run to the battle. God has shown His power. David has proven that God can over other gods. David has proven that the youth can be used when all disdained him. What is on the inside is starting to show on the outside.

That head will win the hearts of the nation and his dearest earthly friend, Jonathan. As you go out to do battle dear missionary prepare to fight the giant. When you defeat him more enemies will come but so will the army that God will give you to win great battle for Him.

Infighting among personnel is more devilish, desperate, and devastating than anything from the outside.” Clarence W. Jones

I Samuel 4:9

The time has come to be men. In the story the Philistines are challenging each other to act like men. They know that if they do not do something now, if they do not act now, they will soon be servants or slaves to the Israelites. They do quit themselves like men and win the battle. Isn’t it about time that the people of God realize how late the hour is? Isn’t it time that the church begins to act like men. Too long we have sat passively by as the church grows weaker, the crowd gets older, our own young people switch to the other team and the world goes to Hell. The Scriptures says, rise up and act like men or soon Satan and his crowd will be ruling over us. The world will beat the church back to a small dark corner of the globe but if we realize what the hour is we can still make a difference.