“I had one most touching proof of a deacon’s loving self-sacrifice and generosity. During a very serious illness, I had an unaccountable fit of anxiety about money matters. There was no real ground for apprehension, for my dear wife and I were scrupulously careful to “owe no man anything,” and there was no pecuniary liability in connection with the
Lord’s work under my charge which need have caused me the slightest perplexity. I had fallen into one of those curious mental conditions that are often the result of extreme pain and weakness, in which the mind seems to lay hold of some impalpable object, and will not let it go. One of the brethren came to see me while I was in that sad state, and after trying in vain to comfort me, he said, “Well, good bye, sir, I’ll see what I can do.” He went straight home, and before very long he came back to me bringing all the stocks and shares and deeds and available funds that he had. Putting them down on the bed where I was lying in great agony, he said, “There, my dear Pastor, I owe everything I have in the world to you, and you are quite welcome to all I possess. Take whatever you need, and do not have another moment’s anxiety.” Of course, as soon as I got better, I returned to my dear friend all that he had brought to me under’ such singular circumstances. Even if I had needed it, I could not have taken a penny of it, for it seemed to me very much as the water from the well of Bethlehem must have appeared to David. Happily, I did not require any part of the amount so freely placed at my disposal, but I could never forget the great kindness of the brother who was. willing to give all that he had in order to allay the groundless fears of his sorely-afflicted minister.” from his autobiography 2 page 72

There are lessons we can learn–one that I am working on is getting out of debt.  He owed no one anything and that had to be a relief.  Another thing to be learned is that God gives us in our churches great men and women who are such a blessing to us.  We need to be careful to so give to our people that they will feel this great love.

It is not to be expected but to be earned.

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I am often kidded about my enthusiasm for blogging and so as I read this quote from Spurgeon I thought that it might give you that extra nudge to start recording what you are learning also:”Beloved, when you and I have seen or heard anything which God has revealed to us, let us go and write it, make it known by some other means.  God has not put the treasure into the earthen vessel merely for the vessel’s own sake, but that the treasure may afterwards be poured our from it, that others may thereby be enriched.  You have not been privileged to see, merely to make glad your eyes, and to charm your soul; you have been permitted to see in order that you may make others see, that you may go forth and report what the Lord has allowed you to perceive.  John no sooner became the seer of Patmos than he heard a voice that said to him, ‘Write’.   He could not speak to others, for he was on an island where he was exiled from his fellows, but he could write, and he did; and, often, he who writes addresses a larger audience than the man who merely uses his tongue.   It is a happy thing when the tongue is aided by the pen of a ready writer, and so gets a wider sphere, and a more permanent influence than if it merely uttered certain sounds, and the words died away when the ear had heard them.”  Vision News
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I am working on a special series of posts on a blog that I call the Church Planting Discussion.  The material is tremendous due to the fact that it is what William Carey and his team drew up to better reach the people of India.  I want you to invite you to read them and start following that discussion.  Feel free to make comments:Post 1, 23456789.  Yes you did hear and get started late. Vision News
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Dear Friends,
We have heard that Gary and Sarah have been released and are boarding a plane to Miami right now.  We praise the Lord for watching over them.  Thank you for your prayers and concern.

In Christ,
Matt Burns

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Vision Baptist Church where I pastor does not support these missionaries but I do know of them and know their family.  I would like to ask you to be in prayer for them.  I will get more news to you as it becomes available.

Dear Friends,
We just received news that Gary and Sarah Greenwood, missionaries in Venezuela that we know have been arrested and detained in Venezuela by the government.  Sarah is 6 months pregnant and they have two other small children.  The govt. officials that are guarding them are not allowing them to speak to a lawyer or to the national pastor that they are working with.  Jail time has been mentioned by the arresting officers.  The American embassy will get involved tomorrow and hopefully they will be released or deported.  Please hold them up in prayer during this difficult and very scary time.

Kathy Ashley

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Check out the new website that Philip Bassham has prepared for Vision Baptist Church.  He has done a wonderful job and you can get his help if you would like by just clicking on his name and seeing his website.

He is a tremendous man of God and does a great job serving us and many others with their websites.

You can see more of Philip’s work on ChristmasOnTheNorthside.com and take this as an invitation to see the site and participate in this very special day.

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One of the major things that I think a new pastor or missionary needs to consider is the need for an office.  I was talking with a businessman from our church this week and he very much dislikes having to work from his home.  I agree.  

Over the years I have always tried to have an office.That way I am better able to separate work from family and also to do my job and work in work hours.  It is very easy to make two large mistakes when you do not have an office.You can become way too relaxed about your work and spend too much time with the family–getting off target from your work.  It is very difficult to tell your wife that you are busy and at work and can not help her with that problem or project right now.  You can also sleep in and watch television and a hundred other things that you do because you do not have a set place and time to work.

On the other side you will take advantage of the family because you do not know when your work hours begin and end. You will work all the time and neglect your family.  I am sure that I fail more in this way than the others.  Your wife will much more enjoy having you as a husband really than knowing that she is always bothering you when she asks you to spend time with her etc.  

Get an office and get some regular hours.  It will be good for you, your church and your family! 

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Miscellaneous do’s and don’ts

1. Keep your children busy.

2. Explain responsibility.  Let them grow up.  Explain the consequences.  Be sure and maintain a balance.

3. Pray, pray, pray.  It is the grace and goodness of God that does more to raise them than anything we do.

4. Make sure your child knows that they are more important to you than those that you work with.

5. Allow them to spend time with their friends.  It would be good to have them at your house so that you can watch how they are developing.  You need to really learn the language so that you can know what they are saying

6. Listen.  Really listen to your child.

7. Be careful to explain well and properly the dating thing.  Have your children make a covenant with you.  You are not trying to hurt your child.  You want the best for them in their relationship with the other sex.  You will help pray for and look for and wait for that special person that God has prepared for them.  They should send any person wanting a date to their father for his approval.  We can wait on God.  He will do what is best.

8. Be careful to really live what you preach.

9. Ask forgiveness.  Let them know that you do wrong and you have to say your sorry and  get things right with God.

10. Let them see the hand of God in your personal life.  Let them see God answer your prayers, show you where you are wrong, and do the work in the ministry too.

11. Help them have a destiny.  Let them realize that if God called you then God knew that they were part of the family and that God has a special job for them to do.  They are special.  They aren’t normal.  God is preparing them even now for something supernatural. 

Vision News

IV. Be careful with your attitude.

     A. The parents attitude makes the biggest difference in how the kids will love the work, the  country, the people and even God.  
    B. Let them know that you are but a sinner and you to need God.  You make mistakes and you aren’t all that you should be. 
    C. Let them feel that you have a positive attitude about them, their life, and their future. 
    D. Don’t be a professional Christian or worker.  Let your kid know that you are still in awe about all that God is doing.  If they see you playing a game then they will too. 
    E. We are in this together.  It is not just one parent’s repsonsability.  Parents should stand together, and not side with the child against their partner.  Nor should one parent hide things that the child is saying from the other parent.  We are a family and we work together.  Parents need to have a good relationship and discuss everything.  Your children should know that you are 100% in agreement.  This gives the child a real sense of security knowing that their parents are in love, in agreement and working together.

II. Treasure your children.

     A. Tell them how valuable they are to you.  B. Make and unconditional commitment to them for life. C. Schedule special times with the family. D. Let your children know that you are available for them.

 III. Getting rid of anger and bitterness. Many times the MK will feel hurt.  They have been drug from their home and all they   know to a new world.  They left their friends.  Dad doesn’t have the time to spend with them that they would like.  We need to help them get rid of the anger and bitterness that fills their heart.  The anger and bitterness that they feel separates us.  It ties them up in knots.  It makes it difficult to even relate to God.  Here are five steps that should help get rid of the anger and bitterness that they feel. A. Become soft and tender with the person. B. Understand, as much as possible, what the other person has endured. C. Admit that the person has been wounded, and be sure to admit any wrong in provoking        that hurt. D. Seek forgiveness and trust God for their response. E. Touch the person gently.Vision News